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3Klang-so is the name of the project, which was ceremoniously presented to the public on May 6, 2018.

Use the ecumenical pilgrimage paths of the project 3Klang - Kirchen - Wege - Inspirationen and give in to your longing for deceleration, support and new experiences on the outside as well as on the inside.

Together, Protestant and Catholic Christians have created paths of inspiration and contemplation. The illuminated church of St. Clemens, a symbol of Christian faith that can be seen from afar, will inspire you with its illuminations.

evanglische Erlöserkirche im Bergdorf Kallenhardt

Stele aus Lärchenholz am Pilgerweg

Barockschloss Körtlinghausen auf dem Pilgerweg

Blick auf die St-Clemenskirche in Kallenhardt

Segensdusche an der Erlöserkirche in Kallenhardt

Blick auf das Bergdorf Kallenhardt


3Klang Churches Ways Inspirations


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Walk the paths of living ecumenism

3Klang Church:

The project 3Klang - Churches - Paths - Inspirations links the three Kallenhardt churches - the Catholic parish church of St. Clemens as the starting point of the pilgrimage paths of different lengths, as well as the former Protestant Erlöserkirche and the St. George Chapel at the Eulenspiegel. As a special highlight, you will experience extraordinary light and sound installations in the St. Clemens Church to assist you in your pilgrimage experience.

3Sound Paths:

Decide for yourself whether you want to walk the 3, 9 or 16 kilometer pilgrimage route through and around the mountain village of Kallenhardt. Signs will point you in the respective direction.

Along the way, lovingly arranged stations await you again and again, inviting you to meditate.

With the help of small information boards and your own app, you will receive valuable impulses for your personal deceleration or your spiritual journey.

In the village, pilgrim beer is available at the Romantikhotel Knippschild, pilgrim sausage at the Erlebnismetzgerei Finger, pilgrim bread at the Bäckerei Nolte and pilgrim brandy at the Sauerland Edelbrennerei.

Starting point is the St.Clemens church in Kallenhardt.

Enjoy these paths of spiritual experience.

Guided tours with companions are also possible!

You can now travel the paths via"Pilgrimage by covered wagon" - this is also designed for people with handicaps. More information about booking at the homepage:https://www.3klang-kallenhardt.de

Further information, also with regard to the corona restrictions, under: https: //www.3klang-kallenhardt.de.

We wish you a wonderful spiritual journey!

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